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Every day seems to bring new stories about COVID-19 and the impact it’s having on individuals, businesses, communities, and local, national, and global economies.  To help address heightened food insecurity, employment stability concerns, and small business viability at the local level, the First Baptist Church of Herndon, in concert with other Herndon/Reston congregations, is leading a campaign to order weekly takeout dinners from your favorite local restaurants and to provide these to community members who are feeling financial strain during these difficult days.

Your donation can provide one takeout dinner for someone in need, and, at the same time, it can help a neighbor to remain employed and a business to be successful.

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Who We Serve

Herndon Cares serves the local Herndon/Reston community, which includes residents and businesses in zip code areas 20170, 20171, 20190, and 20194.

If you know of neighbors who are struggling with food insecurity and who are interested in receiving a takeout dinner, please ask them to complete one of these forms.

How You Can Help

The First Baptist Church of Herndon is spearheading a program to provide Herndon/Reston area families experiencing food insecurity with a weekly, takeout dinner from local businesses.  This will help families and businesses at the same time. First Baptist and its partners invite you to join in this grassroots campaign to help to keep the community viable.


Special Thanks to Our Business Partners

Supporters of Herndon Cares


Lisa Merkel

Mayor, Town of Herndon, Va

“HerndonCares is the epitome of what I love about our Town. Our congregations and neighbors coming together to contribute to a fund to not only bring meals to our families in need, but to do so by supporting our local restaurants in the process...is exactly what Herndon is all about. In Herndon, we take care of each other. Please join me in supporting this effort.”


Linc Krueger

Owner, The Virginia Kitchen

"Our staff felt so fortunate to be able to work for such a wonderful cause! When a community comes together to serve those most in need, it becomes stronger!

Thank you again to all the local churches, leaders and volunteers for in creating Herndon Cares. Our small family business has known for decades what a special community this is."


Meal Recipient

"I picked up the meal and it was wonderful. I wanted to thank you so much - not just from the factor of having a nice meal, but emotionally - it is a great boost.


It also helps to put things in perspective. Sometimes, it's natural to just be down on everything and everyone, and then to see what you and your organization do - gives one hope, and makes one appreciate the good in human beings. At least, the good in

you and your colleagues.


Thank you so much. Your kindness is a slice of heaven."


Partnering Congregations

As concerns regarding COVID-19 were growing, Pastor Sean Roberds of the First Baptist Church of Herndon found himself struggling with discerning how to support the community while adhering to important social distancing guidance.  With his church Deacons, he shared his concern and suggested raising funds to order takeout meals for neighbors with food insecurity. The Deacons and the rest of the congregation loved the idea, as this meant the church could help those needing food as well as local restaurants needing business.

As the times required prompt action, Pastor Roberds tasked his Community Outreach Coordinator, K Scarry, with leading the priority effort with his support and the support of the Deacons and congregation.  Within a week, K and her volunteers had recruited partners with multiple faith organizations, reached out to area businesses, and heard from approximately 800 people interested in a weekly meal.

The First Baptist Church of Herndon thanks community members for participating in the program.  Hopefully, this program—added to other ongoing and extended food outreach efforts—will make this uncertain time a little easier for members of the community.

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    Christ Fellowship Church

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    Congregation Beth Emeth

    Herndon, Virginia

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    First Baptist Church of Herndon

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    Floris United Methodist

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    Grace Hill Church

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    Herndon United Methodist Church

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    Holy Cross Lutheran Church

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    Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

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    Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation

    Reston, Virginia

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    St. John Neumann Catholic Community

    Reston, Virginia

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    Trinity Presbyterian Church

    Herndon, Virginia

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    Washington Plaza Baptist Church

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