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Please give of your time and resources to the many local, long-term nonprofits that tirelessly work year-round to assist our community:



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Please remember our partnering faith communities as they continue to make a difference here in Herndon/Reston and around the world.  Many have special programs that provide direct support to our neighbors in need.  

How We Started

As concerns regarding COVID-19 were growing, Pastor Sean Roberds of the First Baptist Church of Herndon found himself struggling with discerning how to support the community while adhering to important social distancing guidance.  With his church Deacons, he shared his concern and suggested raising funds to order takeout meals for neighbors with food insecurity. The Deacons and the rest of the congregation loved the idea, as this meant the church could help those needing food as well as local restaurants needing business.

As the times required prompt action, Pastor Roberds tasked his Community Outreach Coordinator, K Scarry, with leading the priority effort with his support and the support of the Deacons and congregation.  Within a week, K and her volunteers had recruited partners with multiple faith organizations, reached out to area businesses, and heard from approximately 800 people interested in a weekly meal.

The First Baptist Church of Herndon thanks community members for participating in the program.  Hopefully, this program—added to other ongoing and extended food outreach efforts—will be the spark that continues to motivate members of our community to continue finding ways to extend a helping hand to those in need.


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